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Illumineer of the Year

Illumineer of the Year is the most prestigious award given out at the Sapphire Awards Event. An Illumineer is a person or small team responsible for significant innovation in the development of LEDs or other enabling components for solid-state lighting (SSL), or in the application of such LEDs or components in compelling lighting products ranging from lamps or luminaires to network and control systems.

Nomination Requirements for Illumineer of the Year

  • The name and title of all members of the team (subject to a five person limit per nomination)
  • The company associated with the individual or team
  • A print quality photo of the individual or team (300 dpi at 1500 pixels wide or better)
  • A description of the LED- or Lighting-centric technology innovation for which the nominee is responsible (2000 characters or less)

Please note that a contact from the company is required in case questions arise during the review period. Please provide two points of contact: a primary contact from the agency (if used) and a secondary contact from the company. ‚Äč

Nomination Fees

  • EARLY BIRD DEADLINE August 30, 2019: $395 Per Entry
  • August 31-October 22, 2019 at Regular Submission Rate: $495 Per Entry