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Submission Requirements for Sapphire Awards Product Entries

  • Product name (and model number, if applicable)

  • Company name

  • Print quality photo(s) of the product (300 dpi at 1500 pixels wide or better)

You will also need to select the category in which your product will be judged.  If your product could fit in more than one category, please select only one as each product will only be judged once. 

In the section labeled Product Entries, you have the opportunity to include additional materials and provide a brief description of the product’s innovations and value-added features to further support your entry.  Note that more complete entries give the judges a better understanding of the products.  Optional supplemental items to consider incorporating into your submission (subject to a 5 document upload limit) include but are not limited to:

  • Press releases

  • Technical and/or corporate backgrounders

  • Data sheets

  • Application notes

  • Case studies

Please note that a contact from the company is required in case technical questions arise during the review period. If an agency is submitting the product on behalf of a company, please provide two points of contact: a primary contact from the agency and a secondary contact from the company.