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Illumineer of the Year

Jy Bhardwaj, CTO; Danielle Chamberlin, PhD, Sr. Director, Converter Technology, Parijat Deb, Vice President of Epitaxy Technology; Ashish Tandon, Sr. Director of Device Technology R&D; Oleg Shchekin, Vice President of Device Architecture — Lumileds

Over the past 12 months, under the leadership of CTO Jy Bhardwaj, Lumileds has realized a series of ground-breaking innovations and market firsts, enabling some of the most sophisticated designs in the lighting industry. In developing LED architectures, the team focused on efficacy improvements in operating conditions, useful light in applications and color quality. Lumileds coherent set of technologies allows for substantial performance gains at the fixture level. By adding the creation of new phosphors with narrow band emission, luminous efficacy has been further improved, better color rendering is enabled, and spectral distributions can be further optimized to the demands of specific applications, including horticulture, medical fields and to support a healthier lit environment.

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, CEO, Doros Platika, Chairman, John Luciani, Director of Engineering, Andrew Moore-Ede, Director of Client Services, Patricia Lever, Director of Operations — Circadian Light

With mounting evidence that light can both entrain and disrupt circadian rhythms and impact human health and wellbeing, there is a critical need for the lighting industry to define the circadian spectral characteristics of light and to develop dynamic lighting solutions to address this risk. Over the past five years, Circadian Light has accomplished both tasks: creating evidence-based specifications for workplace circadian lighting, and developing specialized LED chips, control systems, and luminaires for 24/7 operations.

Tigran Galstian, CTO LensVector and professor of Engineering Physics at Université Laval — LensVector

Dr. Tigran Galstian is a professor of Engineering Physics at Université Laval (Québec, Canada) and is the holder of Canada’s Tier-1 Chair in “Liquid Crystals and Behavioral Biophotonics”.  His group is investigating the molecular self-organization mechanisms and their impact on the key material (optical+) properties as well as their influence on the behavior of molecules (such as chiral diffusion) and living microorganisms (such as bacteria) in such systems.


Taking place during the Strategies in Light conference and exhibition, the Sapphire Awards Gala will present an exciting networking opportunity in a spectacular venue with great food and entertainment. Although the competition is fierce, attendees will enjoy meeting with PennWell’s LED & Lighting Network team and fellow industry professionals in the spirit of camaraderie and celebration of SSL achievements over the past year.
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Emergency SSL Luminaires, Modules, and Drivers

Igor • PoE Emergency Network Node - Max, NP50-60-C-F-5-EM
Thomas Research Products, a Hubbell Lighting Components Brand • LBU10-P Series Emergency Driver
Fulham • EZ Exit EM T-Grid

Horticultural Lighting

Samsung Electronics  • Samsung Full Spectrum Horticultural LEDs
Plessey Semiconductors Ltd • Hyperion LED Grow Light
Agnetix • A3

ICs and Electronic Components for SSL

Thomas Research Products, a Hubbell Lighting Components Brand • Color Tuning Controller
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc  •  MAX20092
Seoul Semiconductor • NanoDriver

Indoor Decorative Pendant SSL Luminaire Design

Nulite Lighting  • Sero
Axis Lighting • Stencil Surface
Focal Point • Skydome® Edge
Fluxwerx • Aperture
PureEdge Lighting • Pipeline 1 LED Suspension

Indoor Flex SSL for Coves, Cabinets, and Cases

Environmental Lights • HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light
Environmental Lights • 6-in-1 ColorPlus 5050 LED Strip Light – RGB + Amber + Tunable White - 60/m - 5m Reel
Elemental LED • NEON BLAZE™ Flexible LED Lighting (DI-24V-SE-NBL*-** and DI-24V-TE-NBL*-**)

Indoor Troffer, Track and Downlight SSL Luminaire Design

Litecontrol, a Hubbell Lighting Brand • Vora
Axis Lighting • Sculpt Mikrolite
ALW USA • Superplane 2.5
iGuzzini North America • Palco Low Voltage

Industrial SSL Luminaire Design

Dialight • Vigilant® High Output High Bay
Columbia Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting Brand • Peloton™ High Performance High Bay
Kenall Manufacturing • EnviroPro EPHB
Elemental LED • AlphaTECH® Linear LED Lighting Solutions

LED Drivers

OSRAM Digital Systems • OPTOTRONIC® Programmable Compact LED Driver
ERP Power LLC • CNB Series Programmable LED Driver with Wireless Lighting Controls
Fulham • eliteControl PoE2D Power over Ethernet LED Driver
Optic Arts • VintageDim® 2 - DIM.010V.XXX

Lighting for Health and Wellbeing

BIOS Lighting • BIOS Bio-dimming
Crystal IS • Klaran
CIRCADIAN® Light • DynamicBlu™ NightSafe™ Troffer Series (CSPT/CSM Series)
Seoul Semiconductor • SunLike Series LEDs
Telelumen LLC • Octa - 8 channel light player

Modular LED Light Engines

LED Linear • VarioLED Flex VENUS 3D True Color
LUXTECH • LN-X Linear Cuttable White

Outdoor Landscape and Architectural SSL Design

Architectural Area Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting Brand • Pursuit™
Lumenpulse • Lumenfacade Nano
Lumenpulse • Lumenbeam Inground
Tempo • CLiP 4X (Model # C4X)

Outdoor Street and Area SSL Luminaire Design

LEDVANCE • SYLVANIA Area Light Luminaire Portfolio
KIM Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting Brand • Ouro™
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting • Intercept

Packaged LEDs and OLEDs

Nichia Corporation • Nichia Optisolis™ (NF2x757G-F1)
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors • OSLON® PURE 1010
Lumileds • LUXEON CZ Color Line
Cree, Inc. • XLamp eTone COB LEDs
LED Engin • LZ7 Plus 50W 7-Die Multi-Color LED Emitter (part number: LZ7-04M2PD)

Smart and Connected SSL Enabling Technologies

OSRAM Digital Systems • SensiLUM Wireless Integrated Sensor
Samsung Electronics • Samsung SSM-U; (Model Number: SLP-S211UXXGWW)
Enlighted • Enlighted 5th Generation Smart Sensor
eldoLED B.V.     •  LEDcode BLE radio, Atrius-ready (BT-L1A1, BT-L2A1, BT-S1A1)

Smart and Connected SSL Systems

Hubbell Control Solutions  •  PowerHUBB™
Tridonic, USA  •  net4more IP-connected Lighting System
Lutron Electronics  •  Enterprise Vue

Specialty SSL Design

Saco Technologies Inc  •  Shockwave V-Stick S + S2 (SVS-xxx-RGB, SVS2-xxx-RGB)
Environmental Lights  •  Performance 160 Degree Cuttable LED Lattice
Elemental LED  •  ENVI-Light™ Color Tunable Mirror (DI-120V-ENV-MIR)

SSL Enabling Technologies

GAGGIONE SAS  •  LLC79 45mm silicone collimator range
The Dow Chemical Company - Performance Silicones      •  DOWSIL MS-40XX Series Moldable Optical Silicone Elastomers

SSL Lamp Design

TCP Lighting  •  The Good Life LED  (FA19D60GL1,  FBR30D65GL1, FB11D60FRGL, FG25D60GL1, FST19D60GL1)
LTF, LLC  •  SunLight2 True Color Optimized MR16 LED Bulb - BL18W12V3018KWD
KEYSTONE TECHNOLOGIES  •  Sign Hero 360˚ LED Sign Tube    Item Number:  KT-LED7T8-18P2S-840-D

Tools and Tests in SSL Design

United Power Research Technology Corp  •  UPRtek MK350S Premium Spectrometer
Gamma Scientific  •  GS-Wavemon