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Established in 2004, ERP designs and manufactures energy-efficient LED driver power electronics for architectural, commercial and industrial applications. Small, yet powerful, ERP products deliver an industry-leading combination of compact size, embedded intelligence, extensive dimmer compatibility, and high efficiency at competitive cost. Headquartered in Moorpark, CA, ERP owns and operates its own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure quality of design, sourcing, production and testing.

Osram Opto Semiconductors is one of the guiding lights both in technological development and in the manufacture of high-quality products. For nearly four decades, the high-tech company has been investing in research and developing new products on the technological cutting edge to set international standards in the fields of illumination, visualization and sensor technology.

Echelon is the original Internet of Things company, with 25 years experience in connected controls. Our products are installed in thousands of buildings and hundreds of cities, making 140M+ connections to “things.” We don't make the lights you see...we make them part of a smart city. Come see how easy it is.

Seoul Semiconductor develops and commercializes light emitting diodes (LEDs) for automotive, general illumination, specialty lighting, and backlighting markets. As the fourth-largest LED manufacturer globally, Seoul Semiconductor holds more than 12,000 patents, offers a wide range of technologies, and mass produces innovative LED products such as SunLike – delivering the world’s best light quality in a next-generation LED enabling human-centric lighting optimized for circadian rhythms; Wicop – a simpler structured package-free LED which provides market leading color uniformity, cost savings at the fixture level with high lumen density and allows design flexibility; NanoDriver Series –World’s Smallest 24W DC LED Drivers; Acrich, the world's first high-voltage AC-driven LED technology developed in 2005, includes all AC LED-related technologies from chip to module and circuit fabrication, as well as multi-junction technology (MJT); and nPola, a new LED product based on GaN-substrate technology that achieves over ten times the output of conventional LEDs. For more information about Seoul Semiconductor, please visit http://www.seoulsemicon.com

Elemental LED, founded in 2008, is a leading engineering and technology company headquartered in Reno, NV that manufactures an extensive high-quality portfolio of lighting, power supplies, and controls. Elemental LED is proud to be America's largest provider of low voltage linear LED lighting, inspiring lighting professionals with their innovative technology, unmatched quality, and best-in-class customer experience.

Tempo was founded in 1986 on the premise that quality lighting systems could be designed and produced to radically simplify the installation and maintenance process. This mission remains today as we design, develop and manufacture led linear lighting solutions that provide quality illumination with the benefits of reduced infrastructure, simplified installation and lower maintenance costs. We connect solutions to applications with highly configurable products at prices that allow our customers to spend their budgets on the stylistic elements that we light.

Change is good. Transformation is arduous. The LED revolution? A battle royale! We are so proud that The Lighting Quotient, elliptipar and tambient, have won the war. Our Lighting solutions are smarter (we are completely agnostic and adept in the languages of controls), our luminaires are more robust and sleeker and more efficient, and our prices, without unscrupulous mark-ups, are competitive. Specifiers, millennial or trans-generational, know now that for the value and exceptional performance that is expected from The Lighting Quotient, elliptipar and tambient, “THERE IS NO EQUAL”! We are a wholly owned and independent Women’s Business Enterprise and part of the GSA schedule and the BUY AMERICAN program. Thank you to the entire committee of the Sapphire Awards and all of our esteemed colleagues and peers for placing us squarely in our third generation, and of course...on your specifications. You are bringing architecture to light, and light brings joy to life.

Founded in 1979, Strategies Unlimited is the world leader in market research in LED, lighting, and laser devices and beyond. We produce highly detailed market reports. On a custom basis, we perform specialized studies and consulting on narrow or focused topics related to the specific business interests of individual corporations. We regularly give presentations at industry events and are often quoted in the business media. Our technical expertise gives us far-reaching assessments into new applications and market directions. Our extensive data collection and analysis are carried out on both the supply side and demand side of the market.